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ACCESS8878 is in the process of gathering information about technology support that is to include browsers, operating systems and assistive technologies.

We'll publish this information as it becomes available.

In the mean-time, take a look at (this link will open in a new browser window) which features some very useful information about the technologies that browsers support in the past, present and future.

Adobe have just published a response to BS 8878 and provides links to resources that help developers make flash content accessible.

Step 10 of BS 8878 (clause 6.10) asks you to think about what target browsers, operating systems and assistive technologies you will support.

The answer to this question might be "all of them" as you strive to ensure that your web product is accessible to as many people as possible.

In practical terms, this may not be the best approach, or even something that is possible as some technologies will work in conflicting ways so that supporting one technology may leave issues for another.

This makes the job of deciding which technologies to support a little bit trickier.

One thing you'll need to think about is necessity. Do you really need a mobile GPS driven application to work on a desktop PC? Will you be providing support for Internet Explorer 2?

The process of discussing and rationalising your decisions to support certain technologies may sound like a tedious and time-consuming task, but in actual fact defining a set of technologies will become part of project build, feature in your test plan, and the inevitable discussion about how or whether you support IE6 is going to come up sooner or later. Whether you want BS 8878 compliance or not, creating a list of technologies that you're going to support is likely to be a time-saver.

What's really needed is information on the capabilities and limitations of the resources that you want to support so that it's not a surprise to find out that your Flash content can be read by a screen reader but not viewable on an iPad, or that HTML served as application/xhtml+xml isn't supported by any version of Internet Explorer past or present.

ACCESS 8878 is currently putting together a chart of information that will help you make the right technology choices. We hope to bring you this information early in the new year.

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