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ACCESS 8878 is a resource that supports the new British Standard BS 8878. BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice supports developers in producing web products that are accessible to a range of users. On this site you will find a review of the standard, plus some extra information that we hope you'll find useful.

The site is brand new, and over the coming months we'll be filling the site with case studies, interviews, tools, and your experiences working with the standard.

Who is this site for?

It's for anyone interested in finding more about the standard, and implementing it in their web products. If you are building a web product and you want to meet the guidelines to make it accessible, then this site is for you.

If you've just got a general interest in the standard, or if you're a contractor with a client who needs a site built to BS 8878 then this is a great place to start.

If you're interested in finding an agency that can help you with your project, ACCESS 8878 offers a range of services designed to make life easier for you.

Access 8878:

BS 8878 Overview

Find out how BS 8878 helps you make your web products accessible.

Making BS 8878 work

Make a start with BS 8878, find out how BS 8878 approaches the creation of policies, test plans testing methodologies

Help and Guidance

BS 8878 refers to published accessibility guidelines that are designed to help developers understand more about accessibility.

How Access 8878 can help you

The accessibility experts at Access 8878 can help you deliver high quality web products that conform to BS 8878. We can guide you through the whole process from policy to finished product.

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